Veterinary Social Work

In response to the latest research and community needs, Dr Lissi and the Cherished Pets team are implementing a ground-breaking Veterinary Social Work service across the veterinary and health sectors to enable widespread benefits to people and pets.

Cherished Pets

Founded in 2015, what began as a dream to support pets and vulnerable people has evolved into a ground- breaking service attracting global attention. Our vision is a world where the human-animal bond creates and contributes to the development of connected and healthy individuals and communities.

Meet Dr Lissi

Advancing Veterinary Social Work and the Human Animal Bond.
Championing veterinary business in the Next Economy.

Wins & Achievements

World’s First BCorp Vet

Cherished Pets is proud to be the world’s first certified BCorporation veterinary company. Our practice provides access to affordable services for eligible people, with profit redirected as a funding stream for our charitable partner, the Cherished Pets Foundation.

HABRI Certified Practice

We offer a human animal bond-centred service through all life phases as Australia’s first Human Animal Bond Certified (HABRI) practice. Our model builds capability in vulnerable people to keep their pets healthy and together with them for the long term.

AMP Tomorrow Maker

In 2021 Dr Lissi was recognised with an AMP Tomorrow Makers grant to help her advance her mission to embed Veterinary Social Work across the human and animal health sectors. Read more here.

Get in Touch

Reach out to Dr Lissi to learn more about Veterinary Social Work, the human animal bond, and ways we can work together.