In the company of business champions …

Vincent Stanley, Director of Philosophy, Patagonia, a company of climbers and surfers.

One of my greatest passions, along side the power of pets and my family, is purpose driven business.

I am an advocate for the role business and corporate play in solving the problems our planet faces. We cannot continue to handball these issues to governments and not for profits, as both these sectors are limited and constrained in their ability to achieve lasting change. Everybody has a role to play. Business and corporate too. And I’m not the only one who thinks this way. #thankgoodness

There is a growing community of companies and businesses who are bringing us hope by using business as a force for good, and of consumers spending their dollars where it will have a demonstrated positive impact, both environmentally and socially. We vote every time we spend.

I am so proud that Cherished Pets is a certified B Corporation. As such we are part of an incredible and growing community of like-hearted business people who are committed to using business as a force for good.

How fortunate I was to hear Vincent Stanley, Co-Founder of fellow B Corp, Patagonia speak at an event today. Patagonia’s mission statement is: “We’re in business to save our home planet” . To learn about some of the history of this amazing company was insightful, and to hear some of Vincent’s thoughts on benefit companies and current trends was totally inspiring and encouraging.

Also amazing was the beautiful B Corp venue, One Roof, and the fact that there was not a plastic, reusable cup in sight as we enjoyed our refreshments and delicious pastries.

There were many pearls of wisdom shared to inspire and shape the new generation of earth custodians. “If you are building a business that you want to last 100 years, the B Corp model is the way to go”.

Purpose driven business models are the future. Consumer patterns are changing and values driven spending behaviours are on the up. This is wonderful news. We see this in Cherished Pets. We are growing our general private service and people are choosing us for veterinary and pet care, not just because we offer a beautiful, exceptional, caring service, but also because of the genuine contribution we make back to our community through our social service. When you use us for your veterinary services, you are helping others less fortunate enjoy the benefits of healthy pets too.

In fact B Corp in Australia is driving an initiative to see the Benefit Company structure legally adopted in our country. This will create so many new opportunities in the space.

In establishing Cherished Pets I deliberately used the B Corp framework as our fundamental business guide. Our social mission, to enable the benefits of healthy pets to be accessible to everyone, is embedded in our DNA and demonstrated in every breath we take, every day. It is absolutely why we exist. So it is easy to honour. It is also written in our company constitution so that it becomes an integral part of our governance, but at this point in time, in our country, this is not legally binding. That is set to change. The emergence of Benefit Companies is a welcome shift in this space, as it will enable the purpose driven business community to grow and “will offer entrepreneurs and investors a legal framework to build and invest in businesses that meet higher standards of corporate purpose, accountability, and transparency.

If you are a business owner of any size, visit the B Corp website and take the impact assessment. See how you are doing as a company. Join the movement. Make a difference. xxx

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