I am exactly where I belong

This year you will find me studying one day a week, deeply and meaningfully, as I embark on my Mastery of Business & Empathy. I have never been a more enthusiastic student than I am now, thirsty for the teachings, ready for the ride.

I’ve spent this past weekend immersed in the Prologue weekend intensive as part of the 2021 cohort for the Small Giants Academy’s MBE program. WTAF. #pinchmemoment ; As I emerge from my weekend retreat bubble I am grappling with so many emotions, so much inspiration and trying to figure how I will ground myself to face Monday. As part of that process, I am writing this piece, simply because I need to get it out.

How did I land myself here?”, I ask.

I feel humbled, honoured, deeply grateful and truly privileged to be joining 34 incredible humans from a diverse and extraordinary range of backgrounds, on a 9 month journey exploring how our world might look in the future through the Next Economy. This course is the brain&soul child of the Small Giants team, led by Danny Almagor and Berry Liberman, and our facilitators, Kaj Lofgren, El Gammell and Mele-Ane Havea.

Think of everything you have ever known about education and courses and qualifications and then throw that out of the window. This course is not mainstream for a moment. It has been designed as a new way of thinking the MBA, and for me it aligns profoundly with the teachings I had from Jane Goodall, that the future of business lies in connecting hearts to heads, and rethinking & redesigning the traditional paradigms of society and industry and business. That empathy and kindness matter in our next world.

I first connected to this community about ten years ago when Evelyn mentioned a magazine she thought I’d enjoy called Dumbo Feather; I am not sure of the sequence of events, but Evelyn also introduced me to The School of Life, and I crossed paths with the BCorp community through my chapter with Jane Goodall Institute – Australia. All roads were leading me to this community.

From the beginning I felt that I had found my people, my community, where hearts and minds aligned. They speak my language. Share similar thoughts and aspirations. This is my home. So when I saw the MBE course promo pop up in my feed last November I knew that this was going to be a major part of my 2021. It entailed a written application process (which was actually so much fun), an interview (even more fun) and then the excitement of being offered a place, signing up, committing to the time this will absorb, and preparing myself on every level for the beginning last Friday.

I arrived with enthusiasm.

I participated with a whole heart and clear mind.

I listened intently to the shared wisdom of our special guests : Hugh Mackay, Arne Rubenstein, Damon Gameau (2040) and Lydia Fairhall.

Stretched my way through early morning yoga sessions. Melted in to the meditation moments. Enjoyed beautiful wholesome food through the breaks.

Became quite lost through a walking meditation while a storyteller read Ursula K. Le Guin’s essay, “The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas” ahead of a deeply moving and profound conversation.

I left with new and meaningful connections and friends, insightful and inspiring thoughts, so many questions, heightened emotions, much anticipation, some angst and deep curiosity for this unfolding adventure.

What I do know for sure is this is where I am meant to be.

That’s it for now. One of my learnings over this weekend is that I need to write more. I love writing. I will share some of this journey with my blog (not expecting it to be read) but for me it is therapy to write and consolidate. Thanks xx

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