Thank you from Dr Lissi

A hearty thanks to the many people who have been a part of our story so far…

This week we hosted a small gathering for the Cherished Pets team and Cherished Pets Foundation Board members, to recognise and thank the people who have helped Cherished Pets reach its current milestones.

“What began as a dream , with a very clear vision, has evolved in to a marathon effort, that continues. In fact the best and hardest parts are yet to come. SO many people have been a part of this journey so far and I am deeply grateful to each and everyone of you who has helped us get this far.

In 2014 we hosted a small community conversation at the Ocean Grove Community Centre to harness interest in a community project to support pets of elderly people. 25 people attended, and from this group a small working committee began efforts to build a volunteer program and establish our charity, Cherished Pets Foundation. We officially launched in April 2015, and here we are, seven years later and being recognised for the valuable and important service we provide pets and people in our community.”  Dr Lissi

We are thankful that there is too many to name you all, so here is a general list with some special mentions!

To our past and present Cherished Pets Foundation Board members, who have worked silently in the background steering our progress. Especially our Board Chairs – Chris Balaam (past) and Judy Wookey (current)

To our past CP Vet team  – the nurses and vets who have helped build our private service that is integral in servicing our community project,

To our founding events team who organised our launch event at The Dunes in April 2015.

To Lyn Biner, Pets Regardless Foundation and Julia Keady , X Factor Collective for the incredible and ongoing support over 7 years.

To past philanthropic donors and grant funders: Geelong Community Foundation, Demeter Legacy, PetStock Assist, Victorian State Government, Animals Australia, Bellarine Ageing Community Association, Equity Trustees, Jack Brockhoff, The Dove, All Saints Op Shop, Ocean Grove Connected Communities, Give Where You Live.

To our business friends: Wallingtons WRG, Moo Media, Advisory Partners, Air Adventure, Bellarine Advisors, Mast Lawyers, Driftwood Café,

To our Veterinary Hospital partners: Newtown Vet, Armstrong Creek Vet Hospital, Dr Paws, Advanced Vet Care, Geelong Animal Emergency,

To every volunteer, past and present, who has dedicated time, energy and resources to your roles.  Each and everyone of you matters so much to me and Cherished Pets.

To the BCorp community for supporting and inspiring me in this venture.

To other organisations in this space: Pet Medical Crisis, Pet Rescue, Dog Share, Pets in the Park, Pets of the Homeless,

To my Advisory Board, also silent in the background, but vital to my sanity and strategy.

To our social media community for the likes, shares and comments .. and the clicks to donate!

To our private donors and regular monthly givers: community defines us.

To our current Cherished Pets team : our vets, nurses, behaviourist, trainers, veterinary social workers and admin team.  You show up every day for our people, pets and purpose. You are our soul.

To our Deakin Uni Social Work students who through your placements with us are enriching our service.

To our friends at RMIT and La Trobe University for projects we have shared in the past.

To our community ambassadors and advocates: individuals who advocate for us, recommend us, and connect us. Ruth, Ged, Dawn, Vern ..and more.

To The Ocean Grove Voice, BAY FM, Times Newsgroup, Arthur St Digital and Phil Hines Photographer for helping us spread our messages.

To our Fundraising and Community engagement team.

To ROOY for helping us measure our impact.

To AMP Foundation, The Funding Network and Social Impact Hub for recent support and recognition of our vision.

To my circle of family and friends for sharing this journey, cheering me on and believing in my dream.

A very special mention has to go to Natalie Davey who was by my side through this experience, building the plane while we were flying it. Seven years of amazing commitment and loyalty to me and our purpose. Natalie raised the bar in all that she did, challenged my thinking at times and held me when I felt it was all going to fall apart. Words cannot express my gratitude. As you pursue your passion of creating a behaviorally safer world for our dogs in crisis please know how much you are missed. 

Finally and above all, my enduring and amazing family: Gerard, my husband who has held Cherished Pets (and me) up through difficult times, and my three daughters for holding me, supporting me and encouraging me, always.

Those with the resources are supporting those requiring assistance through vulnerable times.

As a pet-loving community we are anchored in our deep love of pets and an appreciation of the human animal bond to transform lives.

Together as a community we support each other.

I believe in 7 year cycles. Our first 7 years has been a steep learning curve and we are in a strong and exciting place now to move closer to our vision : A world where the human animal bond is recognised and supported for the role it plays in healthy and thriving individuals and communities. I look forward to sharing the next chapter with you all.

“The most difficult thing is the decision to act. The rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life and the procedure. The process is its own rewards”. – Amelia Earhart

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