Meet Dr Lissi

Welcome to The Social Hearted Vet, a place for me to muse, share and reflect on my passions and opinions.

I am Dr Lissi – veterinarian of 30+ years, mother, community citizen, activist and advocate.

I care about pets, people and our planet.

I embrace community, connection and collaboration.

I believe that we lead better when we lead from the heart and together.

This website is a space for me to share updates and musings on the topics that are close to my heart including:

  • The Human Animal Bond
  • One Welfare  – where animal health & wellbeing intersects with human health & wellbeing
  • Community
  • Purposeful business and B Corp
  • Social Veterinary Work
  • Death & Dying – pets and people
  • Dr Jane Goodall and her work globally
  • Other stuff that matters to me

I am the Founder of Cherished Pets, a unique social veterinary enterprise. Everything I do is toward my purpose to enable the benefits of pets to be accessible to all.

I have been guided and mentored by Dr Jane Goodall, she is the voice in my head.

I am supported, cheered, encouraged and enabled by an awesome community of people, my CP team, friends, family and advisors.

If you love what we do, please donate to the Cherished Pets Foundation.

Help grow our movement to keep pets healthy and well, so the bond can flourish and the benefits to all people enabled.