Thank you from Dr Lissi

A hearty thanks to the many people who have been a part of our story so far… This week we hosted a small gathering for the Cherished Pets team and Cherished Pets Foundation Board members, to recognise and thank the people who have helped Cherished Pets reach its current milestones. “What began as a dream ,Continue reading “Thank you from Dr Lissi”

Sparky and Jean: A VSW Success Story

Meet Sparky, an enthusiastic and cheeky Shih Tzu cross, and his favourite human Jean.  Sparky came into our lives at Cherished Pets in 2015, after Jean took him in after his previous owner had passed away. Since then Sparky and Jean have become best friends, with their routine usually filled with walks, games and plenty ofContinue reading “Sparky and Jean: A VSW Success Story”

A social hearted vet’s perspective on this COVID19 life

Friday 20th March 2020 It’s been a week of hand sanitizer, social distancing and official responses. Policy, protocols, processes. (As you know, these are a few of my favourite things). Communications and reviews. Precautions. Preparation. Triage. Risk assessment. Change. Uncertainty. Change. Our inboxes have been flooded with COVID19 updates and responses from every company. ReadContinue reading “A social hearted vet’s perspective on this COVID19 life”

Wisdom of our Elder Women

This International Women’s Day I am honouring the women I have met through our Cherished Pets Community Project since we began in 2015. I have been blessed to connect with some extraordinary women, who have lived seemingly ordinary lives. And yet each one of them has become a hero to me with Her own storyContinue reading “Wisdom of our Elder Women”

A piece of my heart died today

Part of my heart broke today; it crumbled in to a thousand pieces as I farewelled someone else’s cherished pet. I loved him too, and I had only met him a few times. But in that time he had snuggled his way in to a part of my heart that belonged to him. And nowContinue reading “A piece of my heart died today”

Yes, every individual matters

One of Dr Jane Goodall’s most empowering messages is around the role each of us plays, as individuals, in creating a kinder, sustainable planet. Dr Jane has been a huge part of my life and I feel very privileged to have spent time close with her. She has become the voice in my head andContinue reading “Yes, every individual matters”

In the company of business champions …

One of my greatest passions, along side the power of pets and my family, is purpose driven business. I am an advocate for the role business and corporate play in solving the problems our planet faces. We cannot continue to handball these issues to governments and not for profits, as both these sectors are limitedContinue reading “In the company of business champions …”

What’s this thing called the Human Animal Bond?

I graduated as a vet from Murdoch University in 1986. I had always wanted to work with animals. I love animals. I want to protect them. My reason for becoming a vet was to look after animals and prevent suffering, as one would expect! Once I was qualified and working in practice, I soon discoveredContinue reading “What’s this thing called the Human Animal Bond?”

The Golden Lab​

It was a dark, wet, wintery night. I was in Year 12 at school and driving home from an evening debating event, still in my school uniform. It must have been around 9pm. Up ahead on the side of the road, between the rhythm of my windscreen wipers, and peering through a foggy screen, IContinue reading “The Golden Lab​”